Create a Positive Culture

You don’t need to absorb the energy around you; you can create it.

The continued stress and frustration associated with the coronavirus is all around us. Covid-Frustration is real; we all must confront it head-on. We must be disciplined in our response when others are venting or complaining.

If we permit the negative energy around us to become our default behavior, we become negative. It’s easy to be among colleagues or friends and “join in” the BCD behavior. It’s easy to absorb the energy around us.

When we are disciplined in our actions, not only do we improve our mindset, but we can change the environment for others. We create the culture we desire. Of course, we acknowledge the impact Covid has on our lives – it can’t be ignored. But rather than complaining about it, we Respond with skill. We take action to improve the situation; we embrace productive discomfort and create the best possible Outcome.

When we utilize our R-Factor Training, we control our 20 square feet. We don’t absorb the environment around us; we create the culture we desire.

One thought on “Create a Positive Culture

  1. This post really hit home for me. I shared it with my staff along with my own apology for getting sucked into the negativity that rears it’s head around the office at times. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Praying wisdom for you Dr. Marschhausen as you lead your district!


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