Character is a choice.

Character matters. We earn trust through our repeated behavior over time. It doesn’t matter what leaders say; it only matters what they do. As Tim Kight reminds us, “Talent is a gift. Character is a choice. “

During this Covid-19 crisis, my goal has been consistency and honesty. I know not everyone is going to agree with my recommendations and decisions. During a time of partisan division, this crisis has become way too political to build consensus for a uniformly accepted response. Our community is deeply divided concerning our covid response actions. All I can do is a leader is be consistent and clear.

From the outset, we have been intentional in our partnership with Franklin County Public Health, Columbus Public Health, and our Ohio State University CATS Team. At my core, as an educator, not a public health expert, I believe partnering with local health officials is the right decision.

I am accountable for my recommendations to the Board and decisions as Superintendent. My goal has been to respond to community members when asked questions. I don’t want to be defensive, but instead informative. Our plans have been influenced by the learned information shared by experts within our community.

It’s an honor to serve as Hilliard’s Superintendent and a responsibility I take to heart. I strive to live, and to lead, with my values at my core.

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