With technology and over-scheduling, we are forgetting to invest time in simple connective moments with others. – Michelle Gielan

We are all social creatures. We need connections; we build relationships.

The technology in our lives – the alerts, tones, and vibrations from the myriad of devices – interrupts real connections. The ability to schedule meetings and work at any time blurs the lines between work and play, between professional and family.

We must be intentional in our behavior; take time to disconnect from the digital and connect to the personal.

Stop asking people to change; show them how. – Tim Kight

There is little argument against the need for change in public education. As an educational leader, I am guilty of asking for change, but not showing what is needed. It’s easy to say “we need to change,” but the real work is walking together on the change journey.

The fear, the discomfort of change is real. When we don’t know what’s required of us, when we haven’t developed the skills needed to move forward, resistance is natural. Leadership is modeling what’s needed; it’s creating opportunities for growth and improvement.

Our daily decisions and habits have a huge impact on both our levels of happiness and success. – Shawn Achor

We can’t control the events in our lives. We can’t control the behavior and actions of others.

We can control how we respond; we can control our behavior. Through our response, we decide to be happy or to be negative.

When we make happiness a habit, when we make lifting up those around our practice, it directly impacts our success. Cultivate healthy habits for yourself; make daily decisions that spark happiness in you. Happiness is a choice – make it every day.