Passion for Growth

Our Passion for Growth is vital during this Covid-19 Crisis. We will stay focused on our mission and vision. We know growth requires struggle – it is uncomfortable. We embrace the productive discomfort that is necessary for continuous development and improvement.

During Covid, there is a tendency to develop a “survival mindset.” We must fight this urge. Embracing productive discomfort requires us to be disciplined – to Win the Moment.  We train ourselves to have a Passion for Growth, not to settle for survival. We have the power to Respond to Covid-19 (the Event) with skill; our action determines the Outcome. 

Don’t settle for surviving this crisis. Live with a Passion for Growth to Win the Moment.  Our Core Values don’t work independently; they work together in harmony. We Stand-up and Own our feelings and behavior. When we need help and support, we ask for it. Power of the Team is more critical in times of crisis; we lift each other when we are down. We support one another when we fall Below the Line. Each of us is challenged every day, but when don’t BCD, when we live with discipline, we achieve great things together.

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