2020 & Discipline

As we tear-off the last calendar page of 2019, the final page of the decade, we look forward with anticipation of a new year.  

Discipline Stairs

While a new year provides opportunities for new-starts and resolutions, our success will ultimately be determined by our actions.  It’s easy to set lofty goals and aspirational resolutions.  It takes discipline to follow-through and to act with purpose.


Discipline is the bridge between our goals and accomplishments; discipline is the bridge between our resolutions and success in 2020.  It begins with an inner fire.  Your fire on the inside must be greater than past habits and negative self-talk. 

My primary goal for 2020 is to be more disciplined.  2020 will provide many Defining Moments – situations that reveal my character and training.  I live our culture; I practice R-Factors Skills.  My repeated actions over time prepare me with a pattern of thinking and acting.

What is your primary goal?  Do you have the discipline and skill to be successful in 2020?