Power of the Team

Our core values include “Power of the Team.” We teach our students to “think we, not me.” We will be more successful working together. We intentionally invest the time to care, listen, and communicate.

Our current Covid crisis has reinforced that we are stronger together. When we work together, when we make each other better, success follows. Our commitment to each other takes us to the next level. When we act selfishly, we are bound to fail. We are all responsible for creating a positive learning and working environment that inspires excellence. As educators we make an implicit promise to put children first. As an essential service for our students, we think “we” before “me.”

We must respect the diversity in our community – it is a strength. Differing opinions and perspectives create new opportunities. While we may not always agree, we are consistently respectful and empathetic. From our Board of Education to building teaching teams, working together is at the heart of our Power of the Team.

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