Make A Difference for others

“Your R is an E for others” captures a simple truth – the way you manage your actions creates experiences for others. 

I consistently Press Pause to remember people feel my attitude, see my actions, and hear my words. As Hilliard’s Superintendent, my Response creates Events for thousands of families. The responsibility to Make A Difference weighs heavily on my heart and mind – especially during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

As a leader, I must first take total ownership of my attitude, actions, and words. I will make mistakes, and I don’t always get it right, but I must act with discipline and own it. I am accountable for my actions. Everything that I do has the ability to add value and make others better.  

Not everyone will agree with my decisions; this is especially true given the hyperpolitical and highly emotional environment today. It’s become commonplace for leaders’ motives and actions to become the target of hateful and vitriolic words, posts, and comments. Making a Difference and leading isn’t easy and demands accountability. I admire smart people who hold differing opinions and thoughts. I deeply value those who push us to be better through open-minded, respectful dialogue. These are people who also make a positive difference. Each of us is a leader; each of us has the opportunity to make a positive difference.

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