We Continue to Adapt & Adjust

Under normal circumstances, change is a necessary part of life. For those who know me, I embrace the productive discomfort of change. I believe education must continually change and evolve to meet the needs of the students we serve. Public schools aren’t preparing students for the workforce of yesterday; we must change to prepare our students to be ready for tomorrow’s jobs.

The ability to Adapt and Adjust is vital for a successful leader. When Events happen, those who can adapt and adjust in their Response will be successful. “We’ve always done it that way” leads to stagnation at best and blatant failure at worst.

During Covid, I’ve been pressed to set timelines and lead with absolutes. There is comfort in consistency and definitive plans, but we must adapt to the data and adjust to guidance from our public health partners during this coronavirus challenge. Our situation and circumstances change quickly; we must Respond with intentional actions. It isn’t “flip-flopping” when my commitment has been steadfast to adapt and adjust as needed.

Hilliard will continue to adapt and adjust to achieve the desired Outcome. I continue to seek the most learned advice from public health professionals and make recommendations with skill and purpose.

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