Step Up to Lead

“Don’t use difficult Events as an excuse for a default Response. Use it to Step Up to the discipline required at the moment.” – Tim Kight

Covid-19 has been the most challenging, ongoing Event in my career. Each day brings new challenges. In some ways, Covid-19 has been one large Event; in other ways, it’s been a daily series of continual Events, each requiring discipline Responses.

Leaders must Step Up when faced with difficult decisions. We are under pressure due to conflicting health recommendations, tension heightened by the politicization of mitigation efforts, and changing scientific guidance. Covid-19 is new from a research standpoint; as scientists learn, guidance changes. Each day we receive email and social media posts advocating for polar opposite positions. Under pressure, we don’t rise to the occasion; we “step up” to learned behavior. We act with purpose and skill.

As a leader, my inner-core is focused on serving our students and community. It’s not about Stepping Up to some decisions; it’s about focused and disciplined daily actions. It isn’t uncomfortable and may be unpopular. We have trained with Tim and Focus 3 to prepare with R-Factor Skills to Step up and Respond with skill.

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