Focused Self-talk & Mindset

Our mindset affects every aspect of our lives. Our “inner response” determines our “external response.” When we “get our minds right,” our actions are intentional. When we are disciplined in our self-talk, our behavior is discipline.

I’ve struggled at times keeping my mind right during the coronavirus crisis. I get frustrated by the situation; I try to control things that are out of my control. When I see critical, or just hateful, social media comments, I lose focus on what’s most important.

To achieve the best available Outcome, we must act with purpose to choose the required Response. We must have a disciplined focus on the facts, on listening to understand those with expertise, and on what we can control. I can’t control how some folks choose to comport themselves on Facebook. I can manage my Response and my behavior.

During the most challenging days, the ability to Get My Mind Right is critical to strong leadership. I am at my best, so are you, when my self-talk is disciplined and focused. Stay focused on your behavior, on your inner-core, and others will follow your lead.

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