Press Pause to Gain Focus

We Press Pause to think before we Respond. It’s necessary to gain focus – to respond in a discipline, skillful way.  

During the ongoing months of this Covid-19 crisis, I can’t count the number of times an Event has sparked a passionate Response from me. My first thoughts, sometimes my first words, are often undisciplined. Like many, I have Covid-Fatigue; there are times I am tired, frustrated, and just sick of operating in a no-win situation. Then, I Press Pause to focus – so I can gain clarity. I ask myself, “what is required of me to achieve the best possible Outcome?”

Leading with discipline becomes more critical the more difficult the Events we face. When we act to balance the health and safety needs with our students’ educational and mental health needs, skillful leadership is required. We can’t operate on impulse during these unprecedented times; we listen to experts, review recommendations and guidance, and maintain focus.

It’s never too late to Press Pause. Your feelings are real; your emotions are raw. As leaders, we stand firm on the foundation of our training. We recognize our feelings, press pause, and regain focus on what’s needed to achieve the best possible Outcome.

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