E+R=O ~ The R Factor

“Every day you choose how to respond to the events you experience. The outcome you get is determined by the responses you choose,” Tim Kight.

Covid stinks; it has produced irreparable loss, pain, and suffering. Covid is an Event; it creates a series of events in our lives every day. All we can do, each of us, is choose the best possible Response available to us. The Outcome is the result from our “R” we choose.

Not every “R” is good; not every “R” will make everyone happy. In fact, in difficult situations, we must step-up and make decisions that may be unpopular, but we act with purpose to choose the best “R” available to us. We intentionally strive to separate emotion from facts and data; we purposefully fight impulsive “Rs” to act with skill. As a leader I own my decisions because I have confidence that I’ve acted with discipline in choosing my “R.”

We are all leaders; we all create Events for others. Discipline-driven action is our foundation, but it isn’t easy. Let’s resist default-decision behavior to create the best possible Outcomes during these challenging times.

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