Student Access during eLearning – Broadband Access Required

As a school leader, a significant concern with eLearning is the inherent inequities in the delivery model. As educators, during traditional school days, we know that every student’s home life is different. When students enter the schoolhouse door, their personal lives shape how they perform in school.

During remote learning, theWifi speed of internet access is a significant concern. Ohio, and the United States, struggle with providing broadband access to every home. Many believe, like me, that the Internet is a required public utility. Like electricity and water, I think every family should have access to connectivity. With access, remote learning can take place.

As we consider infrastructure legislation and future spending, we should make sure access to the Internet is available to every home, to every family. In times of crisis, we identify strength and opportunity. This crisis provides an opportunity for us to better society – to level the playing field for today and future students.

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