Parent Partnership and Communications are Key

The current COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives in countless ways. The shift to eLearning as part of our Stay at Home directive requires a different partnership between students, parents, and teachers. This partnership is only effective when the lines of communication are open.

Our talented teachers skillfully differentiate instruction in classrooms every day. When eLearning Pic 1face-to-face teachers adjust assignments, balance rigor with support, and implement individual interventions in real-time. With eLearning, or remote learning, teachers are developing lessons for an entire class without synchronous adjustments in the classroom.

Some students fly through the assignments; in these cases, parents are requesting additional tasks and extension activities. Other students are struggling to complete the work that is assigned. Parents are coming home from essential jobs, engaging with online lessons, and frustrated with the volume of work.

Our journey through eLearning is just beginning; we will get better together. The most critical factor of improvement is communication. If your child needs more work – please email your teacher. If a student is overwhelmed – please email your teacher. The differentiation which takes place in traditional classrooms will still take place, but with time, communication, and grace. We work together; we partner to keep the learning going.

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