Local Control in Education – An Opportunity to Demonstrate our Skill

It has been decades since local school districts have had this level of control over public education. School districts are operating without state assessment, without an absurd report card, and with the ability to determine if high school seniors are ready for graduation. In the face of a global pandemic, educators have an opportunity. We have a chance to get education right.FullSizeRender

Educators believe in accountability; we know there is a specific matrix for success that need to be measured. Teachers know that are fundamental skills required for success in life; we need to identify the base skills every child needs. Teacher know their students; during this crisis, teachers have stepped-up in the face of adversity to meet the needs of their students.

Now isn’t a time for minimum standards; now’s the time to define lofty expectations. Now isn’t the time for excuses; it’s the time for creative solutions. We also need to be prepared for the return to traditional classrooms. Education won’t, and shouldn’t, go back to where it was before this crisis. Our schools will be different. The skills we are utilizing during eLearning will serve us well to prepare students for future success.

2 thoughts on “Local Control in Education – An Opportunity to Demonstrate our Skill

  1. Absolutely agree with each sentence!! Thank your for stating “the obvious” with a call to action and an exciting energy !!!


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