Nibbling around the edges 

Our public schools have been very slow to change. Our schools – both in schedule and structure – look very similar to schools from the 1980’s, 1960’s and even 1940’s.  


One of the reasons we have failed in changing the school structure is because we nibble around the edges. There are things we know about education . . . we have facts, research, and evidence that we need to personalize education. We know we can’t test kids out of poverty. We know that teachers need additional time in the day for professional planning, collaboration, and teaming. We know that many students “slide” during the summer months.


As leaders we must create an environment, we must build the culture that encourages more than nibbling around the edges. We must cultivate a culture that embraces the discomfort of change and isn’t afraid of failure.  


Our work can’t be about embracing the status quo . . . it must be about a growth mindset committed to excellence. No one has ever been excellent by nibbling around the edges.


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