Power of the Team

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  – Helen Keller


In the world of educating children there is very little that can be done alone.  It truly takes a team effort to prepare each generation of young people to be successful in the future.  It truly takes teamwork, partnership, and collaboration to help each student on the journey from childhood to graduation.


In the school setting there is the temptation to say “I’ve got this” and to work to solve problems individually.  The structure of our buildings often contributes to the “independent contractor” mentality.   The ownership of “my class” or “my student” can be pervasive.


Yes, we all must start with taking responsibility for our own actions.  We value a “Stand up and Own it” commitment to excellence.  We also believe – we know in our inner core – that we are stronger together.  Each of us . . . each dedicated, professional, and skilled member of our team . . . working in concert together contributes to our overall success.


We do our part, we act with purpose, and we make a difference every day so we can be counted on by the team.  Alone we can only go so far . . . working together we have limitless potential.  Today, in your personal and professional life, commit to make the team better.  Commit to serve the great purpose with your individual contributions.


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