Unwarranted Fear of Failure

Atychiphobia is defined as an unwarranted fear of failure.


As leaders we must commit ourselves to ending the unwarranted fear of failure.  As leaders, our words and actions must be in alignment.  Leaders encourage intentional risk taking; leaders model taking risks themselves.


A leader can’t play it safe . . . a leader can’t talk the talk without walking the walk.


As a leader, I strive to be purposeful as I embrace the discomfort of change.  Yes, there are times fear – or our internal voice – is good.  There are times fear warns us to press pause.  I am not proposing for leaders to be reckless or haphazard; I am encouraging leaders to keep driving for excellence.  To strive to be elite.


Fight your atychiphobia . . . fight the unwarranted fear of failure.  As my friend Tim Kight continues to remind us, “Fail forward.”


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