Teachers awaken learning

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”   – Robert Frost


Teaching takes many different roles.  I think in our society today we are doing the world of education a disservice by failing to embrace the complexity of what we ask teachers to do.


We are actively promoting critical thinking, problem solving, and inspirational learning.  We have Makers Spaces and flexible learning environments . . . we encourage student voice and choice.  We celebrate these qualities in our teachers . . . we seek ways to lift-up these important skills.


Don’t get me wrong . . . don’t miss my point.  These attributes are essential in the education we provide students today.  We must grow thinkers . . . we must discover passion and inspire greatness.


But . . . and this is an important but . . . we must also provide the foundation for learning.  We must also prepare students to do the necessary work.  Just as we inspire passion, we must also instill discipline.  Just as we grow thinkers, we must also teach respect for process and understanding of organizational structure.  Part of a well-rounded education is preparing students to live in a society that has laws and expectations.  Life often requires hard-work, dedication, and digging in to get things done.


Teachers are awakeners . . . they awaken the passion and inspiration in their students.  They awaken the students to the reality of what success requires.  They awake a balance – the balance that is required to be Ready for Tomorrow.


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