Influencing People

“Leadership is influencing people – by providing purpose, direction, and motivation – while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.”  – Army Field Manual 22-100, Military Leadership


The Army Field Manual defines leadership as influencing people.  By this definition, we are all leaders.  We all influence people.  We influence students, peers, and parents – we are influencers.


We lead by providing purpose, direction, and motivation.  We lead by clarifying our focus and by providing clarity about our direction.  We lead people by motivating them to be their best.  Before we can lead, before we can influence, we must earn trust.  We must build relationships, lead with character, and create shared commitment.  In order to exert influence – in order to maximize influence – we must build trust and cultivate relationships.


Regardless of your officially role – you are an influencer.  As a parent, teachers, administrator, friend, or colleague . . . you have the opportunity to provide purpose, direction, and motivation.  Don’t let a single moment slip past you; don’t waste an opportunity to accomplish your mission or support your vision.  Build relationships, earn trust, give support, and live your life with a discipline-driven approach to making a difference each and every day.


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