“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  – Aristotle


We are all faced with constant change, we have committed to embrace productive discomfort, and we have dedicated ourselves to our passion for growth.  We value excellence and we understand that growth requires reflection, adaptation, and change.  Our schools continue to start new initiatives, focus on the future, and relentlessly seek opportunities to prepare students for future success.  We live our vision – we want students to be Ready for Tomorrow.


While we work as a team – and we value our collective vision for the future – in reality it starts with you.  Organizational change will not be successful until the individuals in the organization change first.  It isn’t about me; it isn’t about your principal or supervisor.  It is about you.  Do you believe in the work we are doing?  Do you believe that the journey we have embarked on together is heading in the right direction?


You must know yourself.  What is your personal VBO?  What are your personal values?  We all have a vision . . . we all have values.  Sure, you may not have taken the time to write them down – or even think of them in an intentional manner – but you have values.  Your values drive your behaviors and are creating outcomes.


Over the next day or two, think about what you value.  Write it down . . . talk about it with your family, a friend, or a colleague.  Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.  Once you know yourself you can then help shape our future together.  I value you . . . you are a part of a larger organization.  Together – and only together – can we collectively take our district to higher levels of performance.


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