“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.”  – Chinese Proverb


We live in a world of naysayers.  It is easy to say “we can’t do that” and to get out of the way.  In fact, these people are rarely accountable when great accomplishment takes place.  The “it can’t be done” individual is usually nowhere to be found when greatness is achieved.  Don’t let people who say “it can’t be done” get in your way.  Don’t permit pessimists bring you down.  Don’t empower those fearful of change to impede your passion for growth.  You are too important.  Your beliefs – your inner core – are too strong to let a someone with a fixed mindset block your growth.


Let’s go one step further – let’s be mentors for others.  Let’s create a system of both values and accountability.  When we achieve success, don’t have an “I told you so” mindset, but do share accomplishments.  We must bring the masses along for the ride.  We must share our success at overcoming fear; we must share that the lessons learned from failure were the foundation for our successes.

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