“Authenticity is a state of being, a level of coherence with one’s self.  It is not a matter of feeling authentic but of being authentic and being aware of one’s true self.”   – Leadership Lessons from West Point


Do you have a personal culture blueprint?  Do you have clear values, focused behavior to support your values, and expected outcomes based on your values?


Before you can lead others, you must be able to lead yourself.  Before you can support the organization’s vision and values, you must be aware of your own self.  Your authenticity is predicated on a coherent understanding of your own values and belief.  Think about the people you know who are most authentic . . . think about people you know that are the most confident in their own values and belief.  Now, make a commitment for you to be that self aware.


Commit to do more than thinking about your values.  Commit to write them down, to talk about them with those closest to you, and to reflect and clarify them.  It takes time; it isn’t accomplished in a sitting, a day, or a week.  Taking the time to intentionally become an authentic leader – to become authentic in your 20 square feet – will serve as a cornerstone in your own behavior.  Your values must be happening “in you” before alignment can happen “through you.”

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