“I don’t have to agree with your to like or respect you.”   – Anthony Bourdain


I love having passionate discussions about issues.  I have the highest respect for people who disagree with me, push me, and debate with me.  I enjoy deep, meaningful conversations about education, politics, economics, and religion.  Our best team meetings aren’t when everyone agrees – they are when smart, dedicated professionals have in-depth interactions that make everyone involved better.


Many of my closest friends are divergent thinkers.  Many of my most respected peers approach this work from a completely different perspective.  I am better because of these relationships.  The Yin and Yang – the complementary thought leaders – produce a more complete vision.


We’ve lost the art of disagreeing in an agreeable manner.  Everything has become about winning – about getting our way.  There are times when the best outcome isn’t anyone’s individual solution, but a solution created by the group.


Don’t be disagreeable – be respectful.  For us, as leaders, it is imperative that we press pause and instill this in others.  Make a commitment right now, commit to this with me, you are going to engage people differently.  You are going to have courageous conversations to model respect and passion.  Openly speak about your respect for those who disagree – intentionally push back a little and share your love for the conversations.

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