“Shared Values are not restrictive; rather, they provide freedom of action for subordinates when it is not possible for higher authority to provide constant guidance.”  – Leadership Lessons from West Point


Elite organizations have uncommon focus and clarity.  Elite leaders cultivate shared values and behavior within the organization.  Leadership isn’t about giving commands.  Leadership, in my opinion, is about the culture.  Leaders create results by first building a foundation of trust – by leading with character, building connections, and technical skills.  Trust is paramount to results; it is the key.


Organizations achieve results through shared values, clarity of purpose, and accountability from within.  True, leaders must know when to have courageous conversation, but more importantly leaders lead from shared values.  Clarity of shared values drives the organization and provides greater freedom for all in the organization to be autonomous, self-motivated, and self-regulated.


Constant guidance creates a ceiling – results are limited to the directives given by the leader.  Shared values create limitless potential – shared values provide a safety-net without a ceiling.


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