You Play like you Practice

You will play like you practice. You can’t practice on autopilot and play with purpose. How you compete in practice will determine how you compete in games.

As a leader – as an educator – my practice is often self-talk. My preparation is often the thinking I do while swimming or running . . . it is the time spent reflecting on the previous day or the time spent preparing for what’s to come. I play scenarios out in my mind . . . I rehearse meetings and practice conversations. I practice my “R” to potential “Es” before they take place. I practice the tough conversations and events over and over.

During the day I practice pressing pause and getting my mind right as I prepare my response to the events of the hour. For us, our practice is continuous . . . our practice is how we think, how we respond, and how we act. Unlike a sports team, we don’t schedule practice to gain reps. Our reps are in our mind, in our actions, and part of each day.

How do you practice? What is your mindset?

If it isn’t part of your mindset, it won’t be part of your behavior. If it isn’t part of your behavior, it won’t be part of the culture you are creating as a leader. If it isn’t in your culture it won’t be part of your results. It must be happening in you before it can happen through you.

Practice in your mind . . . get off autopilot. Intentionally, on purpose, and with skill relentless dedicate your mind to practicing right . . . it lays the foundation for Above the Line behavior.

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