Every Rep Counts

Elite performance requires elite preparation. Developing skill requires lots of reps. Physical and mental reps. Every rep counts.

It’s Friday morning . . . another week has passed. We are one week closer to Christmas Vacation; we have one less week to make a difference with the students we lead. Are you better today than you were on Monday?

Mental and physical implementation of the R-Factor . . . purposefully planning your response to each event you face . . . is a great step towards elite performance. Have you taken the time to utilize positive “self talk” . . . to prepare yourself for a specific response? Once you press pause, this is the time to get your mind right.

Implementing the R-Factor is a journey . . . it is a process. With each situation, each time you press pause, you are getting reps. Every time you feel tension . . . every time you feel yourself quick to respond . . . are you asking yourself “what is required of me?”

It’s the Holiday Season . . . a time for family gatherings, for busy schedules, and for additional stress. We have concerts, parties, meetings, shopping, travel . . . and the list goes on and on. Don’t think your preparation stops on Friday at 3:30 when the busses have delivered the students home.

It’s personal . . . every rep counts!

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