Elite is about toughness

Elite is not about how talented you are. It is about how tough you are.

This is tough work. We get hit from every angle. We have unions and parents; we have the media and politicians. Yes, you are talented. You wouldn’t work in Hilliard if you didn’t have skills. You wouldn’t lead on this team if you were average.

To be elite take those skills and builds on them . . . builds skill every day. You must overcome adversity, lead in the face of challenges, and step up to make the tough choice every single day. For you the choice is often simple, but not at all easy. Your choice is to use your talent to make a difference. You won’t lose your job by simply managing your response, but you won’t become elite either. You must make the choice to be tough, to have the tough conversations, and to take leading to another level.

I’ve got your back. Your team has your back. Toughness starts with your 20 sq ft … it builds as a unit. It’s starts with leadership . . . You’ve got this! Embrace the productive discomfort it takes to be Elite.

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