Leadership is a Mindset

Leadership is a mindset first and a skill set second. If you don’t think like a leader, you won’t act like one.

“Every great leader I have been around or studied has demonstrated the unique ability to think. To think deeply, originally, and often, bravely,” shares Urban Meyer in Above the Line.

Thinking like a leaders is about knowing when to listen, knowing when to inspire, and knowing act with courage. Leaders have a deep desire to serve, to encourage, and to think differently.

A leadership mindset isn’t “command and control.” A leadership mindset creates a culture that drives the behaviors that produce the desired outcomes. A leader inspires others to consistently perform at a higher level. It’s about accountability through action; it’s about the experiences you create for others. Leaders build trust by earning it . . . it begins with the leadership mindset.

It starts with you. You must intentionally, purposefully, and skillfully choose to think like a leader. When you think like a leader, you then act as a leader. This is leading Above the Line.

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