Think Deeply and Bravely

Invest the time to think. Make it a priority. Leaders think deeply, originally, and often, bravely.

When do you find time to think? How do you frame leadership questions in your own mind?

You must make the time for you; you must be intentional. No one else can do it for you; no one else can make it a priority. There are no excuses – this is not a place to blame your busy schedule, complain about the mundane tasks that consume your time, or defend why you can’t make time to reflect and think. If you want to be successful, if you want to take your leadership to the next level, you MUST protect time for thought and reflection.

You control your 20 square feet . . . only you control your own self-talk . . . only you can take the time to think deeply, originally, and often, bravely. As an organization we are investing the time in our culture to cultivate a healthy leadership mindset. It is personal . . . it is your choice.

“A public opinion poll is no substitute for thought” – Warren Buffett.

Leaders build consensus; leaders are brave. Leaders have invested the time to think about options, to create cultures based on trust, and step up when it is required.

Leaders frame each question in their mind first, inspire greatness in others, and own it!

It starts inside of you!

Your time is now . . . step up!

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