The Miracle of Hope

I live my life with a mindset of hope.  

Hope = Possibility + Faith

Hope is having a vision for the future – a picture in your mind’s eye of what tomorrow can be – with the faith that you can make it happen. Faith, defined as trust or confidence without evidence, is critical for optimistic leaders.  

We are all leaders. When we envision a better future with the faith that we can collectively make that vision a reality, we lead with hope.  

This work is challenging; it isn’t natural. There are days and moments every day when I have negative thoughts and feelings. There are days and moments in every day that I need to be more disciplined in my mindset. Optimistic leadership requires practice; the work demands repetition. The most critical work is difficult; we build these skills over time. It is the slow, daily work that makes us better as leaders.

Do the work.

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