Modeling Optimism

Optimistic leaders are often criticized for having rose-colored glasses. I’ve worked with people who refer to themselves as realists; they embrace negativity under the guise of just being honest. Realists accept set limits; they seem to embrace the status quo.

I purposefully strive to model optimistic leadership. Some may ask, “Why?” For me, there isn’t an alternative.

Many leaders in our world today lead from a negative space. Some leaders seek to tear down others rather than lift themselves. Some leaders live to lament the current situation, seemingly enjoying the opportunity to suck others into their misery. And yes, misery loves company.

My mindset is my choice – and I choose to be optimistic. I believe that joy cometh in the morning. I have faith that each day is a new opportunity to create the future; each day is filled with possibilities to make a new reality.

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