Support Leads to Results

“If support is missing or neglected, the team will not have the tools, resources, or confidence to do their job,” Tim Kight.

Support comes in two functions – the resources needed for success and the inspiration to get the job done at an elite level. In Hilliard, we were well-prepared, with the requisite technology, for eLearning which forced to transition last March. Thanks to the leadership of our technology team, our students have iPads and have experience in Canvas. Our teachers have utilized technology as a tool for many years.

While the physical and technical resources have been available, emotional and behavioral support is require continued development. Yes, every student has an iPad, but it is much more complicated. For many students, eLearning isn’t the most efficient instructional mode. Most teachers didn’t go to college to teach virtually. Leadership requires emotional support and inspiration. We must continue to support our teachers, students, and parents during these difficult times.

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