Clarity precedes Excellence

“Great leaders communicate clearly and constantly,” states Tim Kight.

Clarity begins first from the heart. Leaders don’t just say words; they create feelings with their words. When we lead with clarity, the “why” is the motivator for belief. It isn’t only about what is said – it is how it is communicated and the leader’s energy.

During Covid-19, more than ever, communication has been critical. Even during Community Zoom Meeting with over a thousand people, I haven’t used a scripted. I haven’t tried to hide my emotions or struggles from the community. As a team, we’ve been clear with our goals, our process, and our why. Yes, we’ve adapted and adjusted our plans to new data and health recommendations, but we’ve been faithful to our core principles since March. Our current situation is difficult; we must acknowledge this reality. We must also instill confidence that “we’ve got this together.”

Authentic leaders, those who care deeply and earn trust, achieve results. It’s not a strategic plan or mission statement that motivates people to perform at a high level. It’s clarity of purpose and confidence in the team. It’s a leader who creates a “We not Me” approach and builds a supportive culture.

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