The person we have the greatest power to change is ourselves.

The person we have the greatest power to change is ourselves. – Shawn Achor

I can make a long list of the people, and ways, that need to change.  I can pontificate on the structural obstacles that stand in the way of real progress. I can grouse about obstinate groups resisting advancement.  It’s easy for me to join the blame and complaining bandwagon as I defend my own lack of actions.  It’s a common cycle.

Let’s be honest.  I can’t change vitriolic Facebook posts or the angry emails that arrive in my inbox.  What I can do is embrace the change I want others to see.  I can engage hate with care.  I can temper emotions with facts.  I can be discipline in my behavior where others act out of untempered impulsivity.  I have the greatest opportunity to change me . . . the opportunity to model the change we’d like to see in others.   If we are “to be the change we want to see in the world”, we must be willing to change ourselves.

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