Without action, knowledge is often meaningless. 

Without action, knowledge is often meaningless. – Shawn Achor

How many times do we know what needs to be done, but don’t have the courage or don’t put forth the effort to do it?  We read books, examine case studies, and create plans. We hold task force meetings, engage with experts, and create implementation charts.  Too often great planning documents are rolled-out, but action is never taken.

As my friend Brian Kight often says, “do the work.” Taking action is difficult, especially in school systems.  Resistance to change is embedded into the fabric of many school cultures.  From administrative turnover to community fear of change, from lack of professional training to political pressure, schools know that change is demanded to improve perforation.  This knowledge is meaningless if we don’t “do the work.” It is time to take action, embrace the discomfort of change, and do what’s required of us.

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