We all need guardrails to keep balance in our lives.

We all need guardrails to keep balance in our lives.

Guardrails are on dangerous, curvy roads to keep cars from hurling off the side of a mountain. They are intentionally put in places that are dangerous . . . that have a higher risk of going off the road.

There are times, moments in our lives when we need guardrail because we are at risk from skidding off into the abyss. Guardrails are intentionally, specifically put in place to keep us on the road . . . to keep us on the path required for success.

For me, these guardrails are the people, the angels, in my life. Each of us must have honest, trusting, loving people to serve as guardrails for us. These are the folks who care enough to tell us when we are heading towards that cliff. We must all be mindful of these people, these guardrails, and be willing to listen. We must also step-up and serve as guardrails for others. Embrace the discomfort of having a difficult conversation . . . do what is difficult, yet required of us.

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