Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work. 

Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.  – Peter Drucker

We’ve all created plans that were designed to make a difference.  I’ve had dozens of three-ring binders on my shelves with strategic plans and goal documents.  I’ve served on committees that have spent hundreds of hours creating these plans – the very plans probably still sitting on shelves today.  All the work . . . all the time and talent . . . are merely good intentions unless there is intentional, purposeful work to execute the plan.



Any plan requires hard work to make a difference.  Every plan must provide checkpoints along the way for reflection, analysis, and corrective actions.  The work doesn’t end with the plan . . . the plan is only the beginning.  In Hilliard, our Innovation Campus started as an idea; create a new high school experience that inspires new pathways for learning AND utilizes the capacity of three high schools and three middle schools.  From the opening of the ILC in 2013 to the expansion in the form of a campus with the opening of The Hub in 2018, it’s taken hard work, flexibility, a growth mindset, and skill.  The idea became a plan, the plan was launched through hard work and lessons were learned through failures, and the journey continues today.  

Plans are only the start . . . strategy is only good until it is tested . . . the real work is in execution, reflection, and continued growth.

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