Wisdom begins with wonder.

Wisdom begins with wonder. – Socrates
The Socratic Method is grounded in the idea that asking questions and seeking deeper truth through dialogue will lead to better understanding. This approach of asking questions, challenging underlying presumptions, and hypothesis elimination is the essence of the scientific method. Socratic methods have long been employed in law schools and counseling.
As leaders, we must instill and cultivate the desire to wonder in our organizations. We must not only permit, but encourage Socratic questioning of decisions at the highest level. We must all seek wonder, engage in debates about ideas and values. We must be able to challenge the status quo and demand details the ambiguity is the norm.
As a leader, wisdom begins with wonder, but continues with the wisdom to dare others to wonder as well. True leaders encourage questions, enjoy when ideas are challenged and tested, and appreciate the cooperative dialogue of a smart, dedicated team.

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