True to your inner-core

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” – Samuel Johnson


Building trust . . . being true to our inner-core . . . servant leadership . . . habitual kindness . . . we must be discipline in how we live our lives.


Our habits are what we repeatedly do; they are the what we consistently do.  We must be discipline in our actions; we must be consistent in our behavior.


Our values don’t waiver; our values aren’t situational.  Our values – how we act – must be consistent, discipline-driven and intentional.  From a mid-summer conversation with a neighbor to a deep, philosophical discussion with a friend, from a meeting with an angry parent to a debate with an energetic student, our treatment of others must be consistent and rooted in our values.


Consistency and character require discipline-driven decisions and support.  We must be true to ourselves and balanced in our behavior.  During these summer months, during a time when we have the opportunity for relaxation and reflection, take the time to develop your stress-management-strategies.  How will you stay discipline during high stress moments?  Who are your guideposts on the journey?  What are your guardrails when things start going too fast?


Now is the time . . . the time to make plans for times you don’t have time to think.  Now is the time to find your guideposts, practice your discipline, and secure those guardrails.

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