Planning is invaluable

“Plans are worthless, but planning is invaluable.” – Peter Drucker


Wow . . . for those of you who know me this really hits home.  I am a planner; I honestly love the act of planning, of preparing, and of strategizing.  I love planning everything from my day to my vacation.


I am that guy . . . the father and husband who is planning our next vacation before we are even on the interstate leaving the current trip.  The immediate reflection, vision for the future, and planning to make the next vacation even better . . . planning is invaluable.


I love to plan because I love to think, formulate and create the future.  The process of planning – the thinking that is involved – is invaluable.  The creation of a good plan, from the individual details to the tick-tock of the schedule, is where imagination and reality come together.  Planning is shaping the future.


At work planning is much the same way . . . taking our creative energy to strategize about a better tomorrow is invaluable.  Taking the time to dream, the time to picture our vision for the future in our mind’s eye is essential in our pursuit of elite service to our students.  Our growth mindset is the foundation – our plans and dreams are guideposts on our journey.


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