We are explorers

Brain Rule #12 – We are powerful and natural explorers. – John Medina, Brain Rules, 2008


Throughout the history of man we have been explorers.  We left the caves and organized into villages, we looked over the hill and saw fire, we crossed oceans and pioneered new lands, we explored the sky and landed men on the moon . . . mankind always seeks what’s next.  We are on a timeline of exploration.  It is how we are wired; it is what we do.


As individuals we are wired to be explorers too.  We test, we hypothesize, we experiment, and we learn.  Parts of our brain apply a scientific approach; we test a hypothesis before exploring.  The emotional part of our brain takes a more trial and error approach; we use trial and error with little fear of failure.  We continue to create new neurons – new pathways to learn new things throughout life.


Our passion for growth, our desire to be better today than we were yesterday, is predicated on our instinctive desire to explore.  We weigh the options of productive discomfort and emotional fears.  We strive to be coachable and live discipline lives of focus and purpose.  You are reading a daily blog, reflecting, and exploring for a thought that will quench a thirst for knowledge.  You want to be better, to do better, and to serve better.


You are a powerful explorer with the opportunity to change lives.  Don’t fight the natural instinct to go further; don’t resist that urge to climb higher.


We left the caves . . . we crossed the hills . . . and the sky is no longer your limit.

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