Men and women handle stress differently 

Rule # 11 – Male and female brains are different. – John Medina, Brain Rules, 2008 

According to John Medina, the way men and women handle acute stress is very different. For women, stress activates the left hemisphere of the brain and women remember emotional details. For men, it’s the right amygdala and they are more detail focused.


Now . . . and please note we are speaking in generalities here . . . how we handle stress is a huge component to how we work as a team. We are, by nature, collaborative. We all can agree that the relationships we build and develop – both at work and at home – are the cornerstone of our happiness. We are successful, or we fail, based on the way we work and play with others.


Understanding those with whom we associate, being able to process situations to determine the desired outcome is essential for powerful teams. The more we work together, the stronger our bonds, the better we support and push each other. As we embrace our growth mindset we must also commit to the power of our team.


Understanding each other doesn’t have to start from “ground zero.” Our past experiences – the science behind Brain Rules – can help us frame our perspective to have the best possible outcomes. The best professional staffs I’ve worked with have balance – it is men and women professionally working together to reach shared goals. This balance is necessary. The balance of emotion and detail; the difference lenses to solve problems, to understand situations, and to set goals is part of a high functioning team.


We must invest the time to care listen and communicate with each other, to ask for help and give help, and to respect our differences. This is how we embrace the power of the team.

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