Foundation of Love and Loyalty

The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.    –Zig Ziglar


Individual behavior creates experiences for those around you.  How do people experience you?  When you think about those individuals who inspire you, how do you experience them?


As Zig Ziglar shares, the foundation stones of balancing success are simple.  Balanced success . . . balancing personal and professional . . . balancing individual and organizational . . . balancing family and work . . . it all requires discipline, dedication, and purpose.


Be honest.  It’s simple . . . speak and act in truth.  Don’t act to deceive or trick those with whom you interact.  Have impeccable character – know who you are and be true to yourself.  To be of the highest character you must first know who you want to be – then be discipline in living that life.  Live a life of integrity; be consistent and humble.


Have faith – and be willing, when asked, to share your faith.  Faith is essential to purpose; live a life of faith.  Love one another – and never be ashamed to love those whom you serve.  Be loyal . . . your character and integrity are at stake.


Look at this list . . . identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Look in the mirror and ask “who do I want to be?”  How do you want others to experience you? Now, lay the stones of your foundation.

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