The danger of success

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.  -Bill Gates


One of our values is a passion for growth – the relentless pursuit of excellence.  This value is predicated on a foundation that good is never good enough.  Yes, we want to celebrate our successes – we want to share in our victories and growth.  We also want even better for the future.


We work with children.  Our children require personal attention, nurturing, and inspiration.  Success with a child today is merely a starting point.  Today’s success is the foundation for tomorrow’s growth – just as today’s failures are the foundation for tomorrow’s improvement.  We can never become complacent with success because we continue on our journey together.  We continue to persevere and strive for greater successes.


Just as failure isn’t the end, success isn’t the finish line.  Successes are merely victories along the way.  Each individual success or failure is a learning opportunity . . . each day is another opportunity to continue on our journey together.  Being discipline-driven, living our lives with purpose and meaning requires the focus and dedication to fight the seductive power of short term success and to commit to the journey.

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