Think Happy Thoughts

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”  – Eckhard Tolle


We strive for perfection.  We set lofty goals and reach for the stars.  Our desire is to complete every task, to live every day, with maximum effort and skill.  To be high achieving, to pursue our passion for growth, to become elite we must have an inner drive to be excellent in every situation.


Here’s the thing . . . we can’t allow our passion for perfection to make us unhappy.  We set lofty goals, we commit ourselves to reach for those goals, and we reflect each day on our progress.  This is growth; this is how we become Elite.  It is about the journey – not the final destination.  Our mindset, our growth mindset, is what sets us apart.  Your thoughts . . . your feelings . . . are what keep you going.


Your happiness is solely dependent on you.  Don’t let others detour you on the journey.  Set the highest goals, embrace the pursuit of excellence, and enjoy each step of the way.

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