Trust is the Foundation

“Whether it’s a friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust.  Without it, you have nothing.” – Unknown


Each and every day you create experiences for others.  How you respond to an event creates events for others.  While yes, our words are important, it is our actions that build trust.  It is the experiences that we create the consistency in our actions that builds a foundation of trust.


Unless you are trusted it is impossible for us to build relationships and bonds with others.  This trust is predicated on a predictability of experience.  Are you consistent in your inner core?  Are you true to yourself?  Think about those whom you trust the most; think about those whom you have the strongest bond.  You know them; you know their inner core.  Those who we trust the most are those who we experience with confidence.


As you reflect on people you trust, think about your own actions.  How do people experience you?  Are you consistent?  Are you true to your core?


Leadership and teaching is about personal connections.  With personal connections comes the need for deep, honest trust.  Are you building bonds through the experience you create for others?  If not . . . make a commitment to start today.

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