Freedom to do the Difficult Work

“Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” – Pope John Paul II

There are parts of my job that I love to do. I love . . . I mean my heart races and my passion takes over . . . when I get to talk in front of large groups about the incredible work done in our schools. I love sitting in informal groups with you – my peers – dreaming about the future of education. I love challenging the status quo, turning off autopilot, and creating new, intentional paths for our district.

There are parts of my job that well . . . maybe I don’t like so much. I am a relationship builder by nature. I engage in active conversation; I am eager to hear different opinions. I enjoy heated discussions. Nevertheless, I must force myself to have courageous conversations when necessary. My freedom . . . my freedom to build relationships and lead a talented team . . . is predicated on my being able to do what is necessary and required of me. My freedom to lead is possible only through my ability to be skilled, consistent, and connected.

My job is a blessing; the ability to lead and serve this community, with this talented team, is a gift. My freedom is centered on serving from my heart, building relationships, to inspire excellence, and in creating a culture based on high expectations. Character matters – doing what we ought to do is important.

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