I Believe in Miracles

“I am a bit embarrassed to tell you that I believe in miracles.” – Corazon Aquino

I believe miracles happen every day; I believe angles are among us. I believe that we are sent to be angles for each other.

Each and every day miracles take place in our midst. Miracle is derived from the Latin miraculum, “object of wonder”. Miracles amaze us; we marvel and we are astonished.

I am astonished each time I walk into one of our buildings. Our teachers are angels, angles performing miracles, with the young people served in our classrooms. From the miracles taking place at Horizon Elementary to the astonishment of high school students reaching new heights in our classrooms, theaters, fields, and laboratories . . . I have faith that our better angels are winning the battle. I have faith that we make miracles happen – that together we are changing the future.

We change the trajectory of lives; we set children on the path to be successful adults. We overcome obstacles. We teach, inspire, nurture, feed, encourage, and discipline young people consistently throughout our days. You have the opportunity to be an angel today. Go make miracles happen . . . I believe in you!

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