Win Each Day

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” – Lyndon Johnson

When I rest my head on the pillow each night I do so with the hope that I’ve done my level best to serve our students, teachers, and staff. I make mistakes, but I strive to learn from them. I don’t always get it right; there are times I fall below the line. There are times I fail to press pause, times I act out of impulse or on autopilot.
When I wake each morning, I have hope. Each new day is an opportunity to live, learn and serve. While I know I will make mistakes, I will relentlessly strive to be excellent. Each day, I have an opportunity to be elite. Each day, I can use my God-given abilities to shape the future.
So today, this very morning, get your mind right. Today is yours to win or lose. You will fail . . . you will fall down . . . and you will get back up. Win today, win each moment, win each event.
And tomorrow you will have the chance to be even better!

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